2 Ezy Jet Ski Boats
  • Length 5.16m
  • Width 2.51m
  • Height 1.20m
  • Weight 450kg
  • Rated Capacity 6 Adults or 500kg.

Jet Ski Boat Docking

The 2 Ezy Jet Ski Boat can dock with almost any Yamaha or Seadoo Jet Ski 160hp upwards. After purchasing your Jet Ski Boat, we will adjust the docking bay to fit your Jet Ski, you will be required to leave your jet ski with us for a few day`s to adjust the docking bay as well as the trailer. We recommend you only dock with the Jet Ski that`s been fitted.  

Entering and Exiting the Docking bay

To dock with the Jet Ski Boat, simply drive into the docking bay slowly allowing the sides of your jet ski to enter between the rubber pads. Once your  jet ski has positioned itself all the way forward into the docking bay and seated into the front stopper pads, simpley hook the two ratchet straps to the back tie down points on the jet ski and pull it tight. Now your set for fun!
To remove the jet ski from the docking bay, simply undo the ratchet straps allowing the straps to retract back into place. Engage the reverse on your jet ski and push yourself out of the docking bay. Both embarking and disembarking the docking bay should happen with care.
  1. Jt Ski Boat Cushions
    Cushions and head-rests
    Eight comfortable cushions and head-rests covered with marine grade upholstery to ensure a smooth ride. Available in a wide range of assorted colours.
  2. Jet Ski Boat storage hatch
    Large Storage hatches
    Two large self-draining storage hatches can be found underneath the front left and right seats, complete with stainless steel hinges and handles.
  3. Jet Ski boat Self-draining anchor box
    Self-draining anchor box
    One self-draining anchor box this includes stainless steel hinges, lock clips and a stainless steel anchor roller
  4. Jet Ski boat trialer
    Galvanised dual trailer
    Galvanised double axle trailer capable to carry both Jet Ski boat and Jet ski on one trailer, This means one rego for both toys.
Navigation Lights
We have battery opperated navigation and anchor lights available. To fit radio`s and electronics you'll need to fit a battery box. Ask one of our sales staff for more information.
Glove box and drink holder
A Lockable glove box and drink holder are a handy placed to store your phone and items that needs to stay dry.
This glove box comes in handy, talk to one of our sales staff if you need more information.
Wakeboard Tower and Bimini 's
Large Storage Box
We have a range of Wakeboard Towers, Bimini's, Speakers, Wakeboard storage racks and more available for sale, just ask one of our sales staff for more information.
This large storage box can easely be installed if more storage is needed. Just talk to one of our sales staff if you need more information.