Best of both worlds

Yamaha Jet Ski Boat
Combine the fun of a fast jet ski ripping through the waves with a fun boat ride surrounded by family and friends. At 2 Ezy Jet Ski Boats, we offer Yamaha jet ski boat that gives you the best of both worlds. It is made to be fast, lightweight and versatile for all kinds of uses on the water. It's like having a jumbo jet ski for multiple people and entertaining water sports. Gone are the days of jumping on the jet ski with just one or two riders. The jet ski boat sits up to six passengers so friends and family can join in on the fun.
A Yamaha jet ski boat is designed to allow you to do what you want when you want on the water. You can ski when you feel and boat when you want to. The attached jet ski is along for a leisurely boat ride or even if you want to stop in the middle of the lake for a quick swim. After the leisure ride, the jet ski is ready to jump the highest waves and race past other water crafts showing off. The boat is designed to fit almost any Seadoo or Yamaha jet ski model made after 2002. Rails and bumpers are adjusted to fit most models. The jet ski connects to the boat with ratchet straps, making it easy to attach and detach for a ride. The jet ski best fits as a two to three seat sit down model. Jet skis made with 160 horsepower and up are recommended. A galvanized double axle trailer makes it easy to pull the jet ski and boat together.
The jet ski and boat are launched and loaded together to make your time on the water easier. Once on the water, it is recommended to drive at a normal speed. Driving a Yahama jet ski boat too fast will create a rough, bumpy ride for family and friends. The boat combined with the jet ski was not made to jump waves. If you crave a rough and bumpy adventure, simply unlock the jet ski and go for a ride!
A day on the lake shouldn't force you to choose between a fast ride on your jet ski and a chill ride on your boat. With a Yamaha jet ski boat, you get to combine a day of fishing or skiing done on an everyday boat with a day of jumping waves and hitting the gas on an everyday jet ski. The sun and fun are waiting at the nearest dock! Jump in your Yamaha jet ski boat and head to the nearest waves.
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